Football Never Sleeps, All Year The World

Game is played, and we Are There.

The Selections Service in a Software.

We never Lay over 4.00 on Betfair

All selections are available by 10.00am UK Time,

everyone get the same selections and the bets can be placed straightaway.


Video runs for 6 minutes.


The Red Line is the Profit (Moneyline) 499.00 Points Profit.

All Results are Betfair just before Kick Off (Less 5% Commission).

Month on Month Returns, are all positive...

Since release, 89 Bets, 68 winning Bets. 8.69 points Profit.


The graph below shows that the tips atre spread over 50 countries.

As you can see only a few countries are in negative and apart from Finland with 21 games, the other countries are from a few games only.



England is showing a 28% Return on 216 games. and Scotland at 39% on 103 games.



Over the 14 months of results that you see here wehave had 1527 bets, for 487 Profit.


When are the games played?

Most are between 12.55 to 19.45 UK Time.


What are you getting?

Access to the Lay The Draw Software, this will supply you the selections by 10.00am UK time everyday.

This software needs windows based computer to operate.

You can load the software on to your VPS if you have one, that way you can access the software from your ipad or smart phone.

The selections are for Lay The Draw on Football around he world, you will need a Betfair or exchange account where you can lay the games.

Your software is live as long as you have a paid up subscription.

How Many Bets a Day?

in the past 14 months we have had 1527, obviously in the European season we have more that the off season.

And we have more bets on the weekends, typical between 10 and 20 on a Saturday, but they are staggerred over different times, as they are around the world.

No staking Plan all results are Level staking every game.

Below are introduction Pricing, so sign up NOW...


Feedback is starting.


12 Month Subscription.

Best Value


Save £100

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Not a re occurring payment this option.



6 Month Subscription.


Save £30

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Not a re occurring payment this option.


Two Month Option



The Price is for 2 month access,

auto renew on paypal

Cancel anytime you like


at the reduced price of £49.97

Per 2 months.




One licence per PC.


Click Here to Download Today, at this INTRODUCTION PRICE!


This software is for personal use only, and can not be used for a tipping or selection service, if you can not agree to that please don't buy it.

This software is uniqued keyed and can not shared, it is locked to the computer it is downloaded on to. So please only download it onto the computer you are going to use it on.


If you don't accept this offer where will you be with your punting in a month from now?


Steve Davidson © 2015

Refund Policy

We, as a merchant, provide both products (goods) and services (information) to our customers.

Unlike companies that provide a tangible product that can be returned for a refund, our product is information. It can be used immediately upon viewing, and there is no product to return. Once a service has commenced, there can be no refund. Our services are the absolute best we can make them. Just as with the Stock Market, our customers must recognize that the information cannot be guaranteed, and that past performance is not a promise of future results. What is guaranteed is that each and every customer will receive the service that was purchased in full.

If merchandise or products are ordered through a Direct Mail advertisement or via the Internet, the guarantee, if any, is included in the mailing, promotion or service description. Our advertising will also include the terms and conditions for refunds on any books, publications and/or systems purchased.


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